Just when i wanted to clean up mdm's house..
my sweetiesmoochies came over to my place to SURPRISE me!!
and they did that for the 837429510134th time I STILL FELT REALLY SURPRISED! (:(:(:!!

Jelina told me i am fat but i know she thinks i'm cute that girl! Ikhlas got me a Doraemon cake I LOVE IT HE KNOWS ME WELL!! Benny told me I was beautiful and that brightened my day!!! Dayana came over to my place yesterday and today and tomorrow and the day after.. since i stay home like 24/7, and G!! She said HI to me on fb! KY my personal assistant who never fails to tell me that i'm RIGHT! me love being right! AND Steve accompanied me for a quick 2min lunch before my curfew at 12pm today!
THEY CARE SO MUCH ABOUT ME!! Arent they such sweethearts?

I hate people who speak with an accent.
I dont know why i hate people, I just do.
Probably just bored since i'm always at home
i'm a washed up dirtbag whos a flop in all ways!
BUT IKHLAS GOT ME A CAKE AND THAT CHEERED ME UP! Anyway, i adore people who speak minahish, cause aku suka berbual macam minah dalam blog aku too!

Just the other day, my mum's brother's godson's aunt's grandma's neighbour's dogs' master got me a SURPRISE(again) from Amerika.

A COUCH WATCH! GEEZ told you im rich. Thats how i keep my dogs loyal..

They are just 2 out of like maybe 5? i cant count i almost pass my counting subject

I used to dream about being a lawyar but being a lawyaar its real tough
Like I need to start passing my exams and be righteous
Tell right from wrong

My cousin who lives in Australialand is coming! OK I FEEL SO ATAS TO HAVE A COUSIN IN AUSTRIALIA!
EH DONT SAY I STEP OK! AKU MELAYU STRONG! cause MT is the only thing i aced you kudas bopok lontong.

I miss studying.. Sigh Ok thats all about my life now cause my entries are mostly 98% about people and how much I hate people and how much some people stink and how much people LOVE n WORSHIP me! Love, much heheehehhehehehehehe
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How to recognise a dog

1. Other than standing on all 4s, it has to serve a master.

2. And serve her happily.

3. Do her bidding and please her.

4. They are around us, like flowers in a park or something.

5. Good things come in 3s they say but this pack.. lol! comes in all hideous ways.

Other than kookie and toto, i dont see any dogs cute so when you dogs happen to be reading this, GO WOOOOOFFFFFING TO YOUR MASTERRRRRRRR! XAMMMMSSS dickson happens to be snoring away as i type.
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Seems like a desperate cry for attention to us, again. LOL anyway my cousin said its so easy to ace the As. His JC friends (we're not talking about the neighbourhood jcs) got instant admission to Us and he is already on his way to U even in his 2nd year with a gpa of 4. I was envying like hell. For someone who can reject SA and go into some lame business course and score a 4 pointer. lol! but why brag about your cousin.. unless your grades are like -.- lol(mine are like -.- but at least i dont have to resort to *lol*)

So hes like celebrating it, playing ps3 at my place. and then he got to know stuff about certain people and he loled. like really loled. not because of their failures but their lameness, much. FOP's coming! wooo

Amber said she misses the old me.. I miss her too man. BUT how 'old' can a person get right(unless old refers to changing?) lol if thats the case then everyone must be really old now. Like really old and haggard ugly.
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1. What's your name?

2. What is the square root of 7777?

3. Why? (Qn. to part 2)

4. Which came first? Chicken or Whale?

@ 6.21AM, i'm really really suffering from bad insomnia.


Trusting is easier said than done. Trust is normally the cause of all things good. I trust you not to do drugs - means i know you wont do that. However, the people who dive deep into the sea of curiosity often begets nothing but the hurtful truth. Should i tell you the truth would mean i'm gonna hurt you. If thats the case, i'd rather the truth be nicely kept away, slowing dissolving through the sands of time. But the cat's out of the bag now, and trust will be an issue.


I'm planning for a blogspot move. You feeling me? Meeting the rest in 2 hours. tweeter alert!

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Once upon a time, we used to go everywhere together, now G and I have to make pre-made plans huh! haha so i met her the other day with Jelina at town. If pre-made plans are gonna stay, then we'd better pre make more plans and hang out often now ok Gbye.

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So i created a twitter few days back, honestly, i dont even know what is the use of a blog now that theres fb & twitter. I just tweeted btw!! been wanting to say that. lol. Neways, met up with long-lost G with Jelina the other day. Talked about life. Lolll we found fun in poking fun of some friends/people we know. hahah. Nothing amusing on the Bside of life, just that you know i'm kinda into it now so i wont be expected to hang out often now yall.

Aspirations are from us within, and since you can barely acheive yours means even more you shouldnt poke your nose into others. Cause its hilarious. That aside, i think i heard a ghost last night cause while i was bathing at around 4 in the morn, i heard a baby cry ringing in my ear like for a millisec. GOSH!

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